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Self-taught becomes fully-fledged with Game Programmer Level 7 and The Game Assembly

Interview with Seyed | Published October 4, 2023

Three years ago, self-taught programmer Seyed Nasrollahi started a game company with his brother. During a recent game project, it became clear that he needed to broaden his game development skills. When researching how he found Game Programmer Level 7 through The Game Assembly and Kaplan.

  • The program looked cool and seemed to have everything I needed to become a confident game programmer, so I applied.

    Seyed Nasrollahi

About six months have passed since Seyed Nasrollahi started Game Programmer Level 7 and he has already learned a lot, he says.

— I have learned the basics of the most common game programming languages and different systems, game mechanics, tools, and design patterns used to build robust game code.

The opportunity to work and learn at the same time appealed to Seyed. The fact that he wouldn't have to sacrifice his finances or pay huge amounts to get an education was an important factor for him when choosing to enroll in Game Programmer Level 7.

— Something else that attracted me was that the instructor would be a former alumni from The Game Assembly, as it is well known that everyone who graduates from there is good, Seyed says.

Kasper Esbjörnsson, Seyed's teacher, has made a huge difference for him, he says.

— He has made the program very engaging and easier to understand for us

In the future, Seyed dreams of continuing to run his own business and develop his games.

— The understanding of game programming that I'm building right now is vital for the future of my business. Learning how to create good code and what's really under the hood of games is incredibly important, explains Seyed.

So far, Game Programmer Level 7 is exceeding his expectations and everything he has learned feels relevant and easy to absorb.

— Now I am super excited to see what we will learn next, to challenge my new knowledge further, and to explore my ability to understand upcoming topics, says Seyed.

If he had the chance to say something to someone considering applying to Game Programmer Level 7, he would highly recommend the program.

— If you are planning to become a game programmer and have some previous experience, I don't think there is a better way in the UK than to get on this program - so you should do it!