Digital Project Game Management – newcomer of the Year

Artikel | Publicerad 19 Oktober 2021

It’s new, it’s online, it’s in english and it’s an awesome way to up your game in team management. The programme start this autumn (2021).

We now have a new programme at The Game Assembly. It’s an upskill programme for you who already work in the Games industry.

About the program

The Digital Project Game Management programme will guide you through the whole process on how to run a successful digital project. The programme will cover these six courses:

  • Intro Game Development & Tech
  • Budget and legal practices
  • Digital People Management – Advanced
  • Digital Project Management
  • QA leadership
  • Team Dynamics and Leadership

In average you will study five hours a week, of which three hours a week will be online sessions.


Free! But you need a Swedish social security number or a residence permit.

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