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Digital Project Game Management - An Upskill programme

Intervju med Michelle | Publicerad 30 september 2022

The latest addition to the TGA family is our short upskill program: Digital Project Game Management. An online course aimed for people who are currently working in the games industry. We were super curious to know a little more about this upskill newbie, and asked our teacher Michelle, to spill the tea and give us a quick tour of the subject.

  • Both the leadership and game development culture are shifting towards new exciting times and challenges.

    Michelle Lindgren Teacher at TGA

Hi there Michelle! Tell us a little about yourself and your role at TGA?

My name is Michelle Lindgren and I’m currently teaching the Digital People Management course. I have been leading teams of all sizes and constellations over the years both within the industry and outside of it. I focus a lot on how personal health, working environment and psychological safety effects performance and the way we lead and plan projects. Both the leadership and game development culture are shifting towards new exciting times and challenges. This means we need to evaluate and evolve how we lead through it to meet new standards. I am excited to have a role where I can contribute to that transition.

Who is suitable to attend this kind of upskill course?

Either you are in the industry and want to move towards any type of lead position where people management is involved (or find current interactions challenging). Or, you are already in a lead position (e.g. producer) and want to sharpen skills, expand self-awareness, and find new areas to develop in and how to get there.

Av: Joel Herslow

What are the focus areas of your class?

One part of preventing conflict is setting the right expectations so in the spirit of the course I must tell you that these 9 weeks alone will not make you a great people manager however you will get better and most importantly it will give you the knowledge and toolbox you need to get there. We have a heavy focus on creating awareness so that you will have your own personal and unique roadmap on how to move forward once the course ends no matter your level of experience. Our focus areas are:

  • Effective communication and feedback
  • Conflict management and prevention
  • Safety and health
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

How does this program work, in practical terms?

This is a hands-on course and that means your results and development highly depends on personal engagement. We focus on specific cases with practical exercises throughout. The content will be anchored in the reality of game development so that you can trust that what you learn is relevant. You will continuously analyse and assess yourself and others to stay focused on bringing awareness to both strengths and areas in need of development. It will include lots of reflection prompts and writing.

And finally –  why is DPGM a smart investment for the future?

It will have an impact on your career regardless of the role you possess or aim towards having. The self-awareness it brings is priceless and key to development, not only professionally. All skills, tools and perspectives that help us tackle the complexity of other human beings is a worthy investment in all aspects of life and business.

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