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Privacy Policy

The Game Assembly is part of Academedia. This personal data policy explains how companies within the Academedia group (Academedia Group AB, org. no. 556806-1369) handle your personal data when, for example, you have made a declaration of interest or asked one of our companies to send you targeted information/marketing.

Handling of personal data

When you submit a declaration of interest, sign up for an open house, book study guidance or want to receive marketing, information and reminders about our schools, you need to give your consent to us processing your personal data. The personal data that we process about you is your name, your address, your e-mail address, your telephone number, education or course and place of study/municipality. We process this data about you in IT systems used by companies within the AcadeMedia group.

Interest form

When you register your interest, you agree to us sending you information and marketing about courses and news from us. You can choose to unsubscribe at any time, at the bottom of the mail, you can also unsubscribe by contacting us [malmo@thegameassembly.se]. We use automated individual decision-making and profiling when we send marketing and other information to you, based on the educations and courses you applied for. When registering your interest you will receive marketing in the form of e-mails as well as marketing that can take place in the digital channels Meta's platform and on Google's network.

The data you provide may be shared with these platforms and anonymized/hash-encrypted in connection to it, for the purpose of marketing to people of similar interests, so-called custom audiences.

If you fill in an interest form on Google, Facebook or Instagram, that information will be collected from the respective brand's account on Meta's or Google's platform and then processed in the respective brand's system for registration of interest. The data on Meta is stored for 90 days. The data on Google is stored for 30 days.

Your personal data

The personal data we collect is used so that we can fulfill our commitments to you. By providing your consent, you agree that we use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Forwards your contact details to the schools you have shown interest in
  • Fulfill our obligations according to agreements and/or current legislation
  • Provide you with targeted marketing or other messages and reminders based on your registration of interest

In addition to what appears above, we may store traffic for the purpose of improving the website, as well as to comply with requests from authorities or to detect and prevent illegal activities. This also means that we store your IP address to which you have given your consent. Read more about how we process cookies here [Cookie policy].

We may share your personal data with subsidiaries within the group for the purpose of communicating with you if this is necessary to fulfill our obligations towards you and otherwise fulfill our responsibilities. We may disclose necessary information to authorities to whom we are required by law to disclose information. We will never disclose your personal data to third parties who are not authorized to access your personal data.

Your rights

We apply applicable privacy legislation when processing personal data. You have the right to contact us at any time to obtain information about which data we process about you (register extract), as well as to request correction or if you want us to delete the data. The data is stored for three years.

You can withdraw your consent at any time. On the page trygg.academedia.se you can read more information about what, how and for what purposes we process personal data and your right to know what personal data we process about you.

Personal data controller

TGA Utbildning AB, 56575-3901, Jungmansgatan 3, Malmö

Contact information

If you want to get in touch with our data protection representative, the easiest way is to contact our data protection representative at: dataskyddsombud@thegameassembly.se

Exercise of rights regarding the processing of your personal data

If you want to request correction, deletion or find out more about how we handle your personal data, contact dataskyddombud@thegameassembly.se alternatively dataskydd@academedia.se.

About cookies

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